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Iboussieres25-1 - Aven des Iboussières à Malataverne, Rhône-Alpes I-P215 (I2) U5b2a 11675 France - Iboussieres25-1
I3135 - Raschoille Cave, Oban, Argyll and Bute, Scotland I-Y3712* (I2a) U5b2a 5517 Great Britain - Scotland_N
KGH6 - Killuragh, Limerick I-V4921 (I2a) U5b2a 6658 Ireland - Ireland Mesolithic; Cave
BAL051 - Navés, Lleida I-Z2699* (I1*) U5b2a 13015 Spain - Iberia_HG
Felsdach - Felsdach Inzigkofen, Upper Danube valley, near Beuron () U5b2a 8680 Germany - Late Mesolithic /Early Atlantic
MA86 - Monte Gastea () U5b2a 3980 Sardinia - Sardinia Ancient