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I8142 - La Navilla, Arenas del Rey, Granada, Andalusia CF-P143 (CF) U5b1i 4050 Spain - SE_Iberia_CA
I6542 - Camino de las Yeseras, Madrid H-P96* (H2*) U5b1i 4100 Spain - BK_Spain_MAD1
2H17 - Mont-Aimé hypogée II I-S9403 (I2a) U5b1i 5158 France - France Late Neolithic
I6622 - Camino de las Yeseras, Madrid P-M45 (P1) U5b1i 4100 Spain - BK_Spain_MAD1
I0261 - Paris Street, Cerdanyola, Barcelona R-V88 (R1b) U5b1i 4500 Spain - BK_Spain_Cer
I0840 - Galeria da Cisterna, Almonda () U5b1i 4243 Portugal - BK_Portugal_POR
Miv2 - Miquel Vives, Catalonia () U5b1i 3475 Spain - NE Iberia Early Bronze Age