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BOU1 - Corconne G-P15 (G2a) U2e1c1 5263 France - Néolithique final 1
KH150630 - Niedertiefenbach I-FT405000 (I2a) U2e1c1 5200 Germany - Wartberg culture
ROUQHH - Grotte du Rouquet, Moujan I-S9403 (I2a) U2e1c1 5164 France - France Late Neolithic
I5759 - Sion-Petit-Chasseur, Dolmen XI () U2e1c1 4175 Switzerland - BK_Switzerland_Sio
R53 - Villa Magna E-BY103690 (E1b) U2e1c1 595 Italy - Medieval/Early Modern Rome