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AT_614 - Ulaan goviin uzuur 2, Khovd aimag N-M231 (N) H/U 3500 Mongolia - Mönkhkhairkhan
Kh13 - Itkol'II, Khakasia, South Siberia N-Tat (N1a) H/U 4300 Russia - Early Okunevo
S35 - Bogratsky region, Abakano-Pérévoz I, Khakassia () H/U 1700 Russia - Tachtyk IA
Kh22 - Itkol'II, Khakasia, South Siberia R-L23 (R1b) H/U 4685 Russia - Afanasievo Itkol
S29 - Khakassia R-M459 (R1a) H/U 2300 Russia - Tagar/Tes
TU34 - Takhilgat Uzuur-5, North Altai R-Z93 (R1a) H/U 3050 Mongolia - Sagsai