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TL1 - Khermen Tal site C-F3830 (C2a) D4b1a2a 1327 Mongolia - Rouran Khaganate
NE61 - Zhaodong, Northern bank of the Songhua River N-L735 (N1) D4b1a2a 3423 China - -
ARS025 - Arbulag soum, Khövsgöl aimag Q-L53 (Q1b) D4b1a2a 3263 Mongolia - Khövsgöl
I13175 - Khovd, Bulgan sum, Uliastai deed denj II kurgan 1 burial 1 (secondary) R-BY86775 (R1b) D4b1a2a 1483 Mongolia - Mongolia_IA_Xianbei
A_4 - Tuva () D4b1a2a 2550 Russia - Aldy-Bel