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ELW013 - Ellwangen J-M205 (J2b) 394 Germany - Germany Early Modern
I4521 - Tel Megiddo J-M205 (J2b) H20a 4194 Israel - Megido Intermediate Bronze
3DT26 - Driffield Terrace J-M205 (J2b) H5 1700 Great Britain - England Roman gladiators
ERS1790732 - Sidon J-M205 (J2b) HV1b1 3650 Lebanon - Canaanite culture
JK2911 - Abusir el-Meleq J-M205 (J2b) M1a1 2602 Egypt - Pre-Ptolemaic period
I7003 - Yehud J-M205 (J2b) N1b1a2 3725 Israel - Yehud IBA