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I2657 - Macarthur Cave, Oban, Argyll and Bute, Scotland I-L1195 (I2a) W1+119 5814 Great Britain - Scotland_N
I3068 - Carsington_pasture_3 I-L1195 (I2a) T2c1d 5533 Great Britain - C_England_EN
I2606 - Eton Rowing Course, Buckinghamshire, England I-L1195 (I2a) K1a+195 5065 Great Britain - England_N
I4949 - Nr. Millbarrow, Winterbourne Monkton, Wiltshire, England I-L1195 (I2a) T2b 5417 Great Britain - England_N
I5387 - WestKennet_1 I-L1195 (I2a) U5a 4850 Great Britain - England_MN LN
prs017 - Primrose Grange I-L1195 (I2a) K1a+195 5665 Ireland - Megalithic_Ireland