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R1014 - Monte San Biagio H-SK1180 (H2*) N1a1a1a3 7074 Italy - Rinaldone Gaudo
XN167 - Baden-Württemberg, Germany H-SK1180 (H2m) H 7176 Germany - Germany_LBK_SMH
2H07 - Mont-Aimé hypogée II H-SK1180 (H2m) K1a4a1h 5185 France - France Late Neolithic
I6596 - Humanejos, Madrid H-SK1180 (H2m) H3 4550 Spain - Central Iberia Early and Late Chalcolithic
I2364 - Budapest-Békásmegyer H-SK1180 (H2m) U5a2b 4220 Hungary - BK_Hungary_HUN
I0745 - Barcın Höyük H-SK1180 (H2m) U8b1b1 8243 Turkey - Northwest_Anatolia_N (Ceramic)
I7643 - Les Llometes, Alcoi, Alacant/Alicante, Valencian Community H-SK1180 (H2m) K1a1b1 5785 Spain - SE_Iberia_MLN