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I1690 - Raqefet Cave E-M215 (E1b) H 12700 Israel - Israel_Natufian
BERG157-4 - Bergheim E-M215 (E1b) X2b 6050 France - BORS-Michelsberg
CLR11 - Le Cailar E-M215 (E1b) U8 2300 France - "La Tène"
Bolshevo1 - Bolshevo-1, near Zagoryansky on the Klyazma river E-M215 (E1b) 825 Russia - East Slav (Krivich)
U48a - Usedom, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern E-M215 (E1b) H 750 Germany - Early West Slav?