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2HxC5x196x1131 - Mont-Aimé hypogée II I-S9403 (I2a) X2b 5164 France - France Late Neolithic
ROUQHH - Grotte du Rouquet, Moujan I-S9403 (I2a) U2e1c1 5164 France - France Late Neolithic
SN-17 - San Nicolas Island, CA Q-CTS11969 (Q1b) A2ca 5164 Canada - ESN
I16183 - Sardinia, Anghelu Ruju () J2a1a1e 5164 Italy - Sardinia_Nuragic_BA
I0800 - Salzmuende-Schiebzig () H3+152C! 5164 Germany - Salzmünde culture